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About Infor SyteLine ERP

SyteLine — Infor’s powerful ERP — helps you meet the unique production challenges of today. Over 5,000 manufacturers around the globe use SyteLine software to accelerate and simplify their production processes.

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, using SyteLine data collection makes advanced planning and material management easy.

As an all-in-one ERP, Infor SyteLine allows you to accurately track all of your data, inventory and financials across the entire supply chain. It requires minimal customization and fewer IT resources while offering lightning fast implementation.

This ensures you can generate an immediate return on your investment, and enjoy a lower lifetime cost of ownership.

Our SyteLine Software Solutions

At Integrated Barcoding, we can meet all your SyteLine integration needs. We can streamline your data collection with Infor Syteline solutions at the browser, cloud-based, or backend level.

You can maintain your data collection SOPs with minimal changes. Our real-time data integration software works with any hardware you already have.

Eliminate outdated hand written transactions to reduce errors and speed up data collection — empowering you to make the right strategic decisions.

This ensures a rapid return on investment without needing to touch a line of code or train your data entry team on complex technology.

Benefits of SyteLine Data Collection Integration

There are several benefits to using our SyteLine integrations for your manufacturing data needs:

    • Fast implementation (often within 24 hours)
    • No backend coding needed
    • Integrates with SyteLine Stored procedures
    • Multiple language support
    • Supports all legacy mobile devices
    • Print data from any SyteLine screen

QuikTrac-AI for SyteLine / Infor Integrations

Integrated Barcoding’s QuikTrac-AI software extends your SyteLine ERP from your existing database all the way to a mobile device or other point of entry.

QuikTrac-AI Features:

  • Real-time SyteLine integration
  • Create and manage your own data collection projects
  • Browser interface that does not touch back end code

Transactions You Can Perform Include:

  • Misc Receipt
  • PO receipt with labels
  • Scan serial number lookup
  • Job reporting
  • Job On/Off

And many more.

SyteLine Integrations and Compatibility

QuikTrac is fully compatible with all SyteLine and hardware. Compatibility includes:

  • Any SyteLine version
  • Any legacy or newer hardware
  • Integrate with new browser/ cloud solutions
  • Upgrade and do your own SiteLine ERP development in the future
  • Works with ANY mobile device

Infor SyteLine Success Story

QuikTrac-AI software solution has allowed us to integrate with our Infor SyteLine software in real-time and eliminated hand writing down of transactions. We were able to eliminate the errors of manual entry into our SyteLine system and improve our production reporting. We know where our work order and inventory is at all times now because we scan everything and we have eliminated all manual input into SyteLine and our accuracy is now up to 99%.”

Play Power – Darin Reed

Ready to Streamline Your Production Data?

With Syteline, Infor has created a state-of-the-art ERP for manufacturers. But you need to get the most of your planning software so you can stay one step ahead.

Learn how our partners have increased production volume and accuracy with real-time SyteLine ERP automation.

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FAQs About Syteline Software

How can barcode technology streamline inventory management within the ERP system?

Barcode technology can significantly streamline inventory management within an ERP system like SyteLine. By using SyteLine data collection with barcode technology, businesses can automate the tracking of inventory items. This automation leads to real-time inventory updates, reducing the likelihood of errors associated with manual data entry. Barcodes provide quick and accurate information on product location, quantity, and movement, facilitating efficient warehouse management. This technology enhances inventory accuracy, speeds up order processing, and improves overall supply chain efficiency. Moreover, barcode integration with an ERP system enables better demand forecasting and inventory planning, leading to optimized stock levels and reduced overhead costs.

What database does SyteLine use?

The SyteLine software primarily uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database. SQL Server is a widely used database management system known for its data processing capabilities, security features, and scalability. It supports SyteLine’s need to handle complex data structures and large volumes of data, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for manufacturing and supply chain operations. This choice of database underpins the robust, data-intensive functionalities of SyteLine, offering a stable and secure platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

Is Infor SyteLine cloud-based?

Infor SyteLine is available as a cloud-based solution. This cloud offering enhances the flexibility and scalability of the ERP system, making it accessible and efficient for businesses of varying sizes and industries. The cloud-based nature of SyteLine allows for easier and more effective SyteLine integration with other cloud services and platforms, enabling seamless data flow and improved connectivity across business processes. This integration capability is particularly beneficial for companies looking to streamline their operations and leverage the advantages of cloud computing, such as reduced IT overhead, enhanced data security, and improved system accessibility and uptime. The cloud version of SyteLine provides the robust functionalities of the ERP system while delivering the benefits of cloud technology.

Does SyteLine have an API?

Infor SyteLine software solution provides an API (Application Programming Interface). The API facilitates the integration of SyteLine with other software systems, allowing for the exchange and manipulation of data between SyteLine and external applications. This capability is crucial for businesses that need to connect their ERP system with other tools and platforms, such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, or custom applications.

The API enables developers to create customized solutions and workflows that meet specific business requirements, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of the SyteLine ERP system. With this API, businesses can automate processes, improve data accuracy, and increase operational efficiency by ensuring seamless communication between SyteLine and other systems. The availability of an API is a significant aspect of SyteLine, supporting its adaptability and integration capabilities in diverse business environments.

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