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About System 21 / Aurora Data Collection Software

Using a combination of the IBM System i platform and Infor System21, your mixed-mode or distribution business can optimize your entire operation.

Several fields — such as general manufacturing, food and beverage, apparel, industrial equipment, and electronics — can benefit from this state-of-the-art ERP technology.

Integrated Barcoding offers System 21 / Aurora software integration for all of your needs. We can make any version work with your existing processes and enable every stakeholder to enter, manage, or print data easily.

Whether you need a Net-Link interface, System-Link interface, or green screen integration, we have you covered. Enjoy real-time integration for your System21 infrastructure that stands the test of time.

Benefits Of System 21 / Aurora Software Integration

The primary benefits of System 21 / Aurora software integration are:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Does not touch the back-end code
  • Integration for multiple databases
  • Multiple language support
  • All legacy mobile devices are supported
  • Print from any System21 screen

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Key Features

Important features include the following:

  • Real time integration with Infor System21
  • Users can develop and maintain their own projects
  • Can run stored procedures and API calls
  • Offline Data Collection

Additional Features And Benefits Of System21 Software Integration

  • Compatible with every Infor System21 release
  • Custom development and update capability for future needs
  • Full mobile device compatibility
  • No custom coding needed
  • Perform transactions such as:
    • PO Receipt with labels & receiving report
    • Moves
    • Transfer
    • Production reporting with labels
    • Picking
    • Shipping

Infor System21 Integration Success Story

QuikTrac-iSeries software solution has allowed us to integrate with our Infor System21 software in real-time and eliminated hand writing down of transactions. Our inventory accuracy has gone from 75% up to 99.9% since we now scan everything we move in our warehouse. We used to do physical inventories once a year that took 3 days to complete. Now with our accuracy so high, we only do cycle counts in certain areas and we do not lose the 3 days during a physical. That alone helped pay for our system in three days!”

John Jacobs – Vibracoustic

Transform Your Data Collection with System21 Integration

Using QuikTrac, your System21 integrations will enable easy GUI interfaces, data tracking, and more.

From mobile to stationary devices, learn how our integration solutions can streamline your production tracking like never before. System 21 / Aurora data collection has never been this powerful and flexible.

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