Supply Chain Challenges in the Footwear Market & How Our Solution Can Help

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Supply Chain Challenges in the Footwear Market & How Our Solution Can Help

China takes a share of 54.6% and is the leader in footwear production worldwide. A whopping 90% of footwear products come from Asia, and brands from other parts of the world face challenges transporting them to their locations. However, there are many other challenges that face this industry, including labor costs and consumer preferences. Below are further explanations of these challenges and how barcoding can help you solve them.

The Quality of Raw Materials

Defects in the raw materials are the main contributor to quality-related challenges in the footwear industry. That said, there is also a need to ensure supply chain integrity to end the supply of counterfeit goods. With the right barcoding system, manufacturers can gain control over the whole supply chain. They can procure raw materials from trusted suppliers and identify defects. The system helps through typical checks by reporting the material status and production readiness.

Consumer Expectations

Shoemakers should focus on style, fit, and comfort because buyers consider these aspects when making purchase decisions. Consumers also understand that improperly suited footwear can cause painful foot disorders. However, in the e-commerce age, footwear is bought online, and guaranteeing a decent fit is the biggest challenge.

A barcode system helps to choose the ideal suppliers by assessing their capabilities, capacity, workforce, and more. The system also helps with the feedback from the market for more improvements.

Poor Workmanship

Human error is the biggest challenge in the footwear industry. Some manufacturers lack the skills needed to make high-quality footwear. With barcoding, companies can efficiently conduct pre-shipment inspections and sort out low-quality footwear. This saves the consumer’s time and the manufacturer’s resources for returning the product for replacement.

Environmental Impact

There has been a rise in eco-conscious consumerism, which also affects the footwear industry. It has become difficult for manufacturers because they account for a higher percentage of the environmental impacts throughout the footwear’s life. Due to the amount of fossil fuels needed in machinery operations, a barcoding system can help manufacturers check on the legal requirements. Businesses can check their vendor commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

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The challenges discussed are aligned with the areas that a reliable barcoding system can address. Integrated Barcoding offers the best technology for you to take the highest position in your industry and market competition. If you aim to rise to the highest level, look no further. Integrated Barcoding will walk you through the implementation process.

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