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With smartphone technology becoming a more user friendly GUI touch screen, why not make your manufacturing applications GUI too? QuikTrac Modernizing application tools can take any current QuikTrac application, legacy Green Screen applications, or programs developed for old Windows Mobile 6.5/CE and give them a new look without touching any of the existing code.

QuikTrac modernization starts with any application and creates a more modern touch and feel device for your endusers. We take a basic screen, add color and create a touch screen so that you have a more modern GUI touchscreen device which helps end users do their job better. This is all done without touching any of your existing code!

The only requirements are that the mobile device is running Android, or Windows 10 os. With Windows Mobile no longer an option, this would be a perfect time to refresh your hardware and add a new GUI touchscreen look to any of your existing application for your endusers without programming changes.


QuikTrac Modernization Login Screen


  • ✔ No custom programming required
  • ✔ Simple to add color and logos to existing projects
  • ✔ Works with Android or Windows 10
  • ✔ Supports all TCP/IP data collection devices

Key Features:

  • ✔ Real time integration into any ODBC database
  • ✔ Setup your warehouse to meet your needs within hours
  • ✔ Lot Control: FIFO, or LIFO
  • ✔ Faster training of new users when using GUI
  • ✔ No changes to your existing program
  • ✔ No .Net programming required
  • ✔ User friendly GUI technology
  • ✔ Uses the power of QuikTrac software

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