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QuikTrac-ICS was designed to give customers a better control over their inventory without spending a fortune. QuikTrac-ICS is setup so that you can lay out your own warehouse the way you need it within a few hours. Once you have your locations setup, you can begin receiving your inventory into your warehouse.

QuikTrac-ICS works with mobile data collection devices to allow you to receive, inspect, put-away, transfer, pick, ship and print shipping documentation in real-time. This will eliminate the need for hand writing data down and increase your accuracy on day one!



  • ✔ Fast Implementation
  • ✔ No custom programming required
  • ✔ Supports Multiple languages
  • ✔ Printing from any handheld screen
  • ✔ Supports all TCP/IP data collection devices

Key Features:

  • ✔ Real time integration into any ODBC database
  • ✔ Setup your warehouse to meet your needs within hours
  • ✔ Lot Control: FIFO, or LIFO
  • ✔ Location inquires/Item Inquiries

Customer Focus:

  • ✔ Stand-alone solution that can integrate with any software package on the market today
  • ✔ Allows you to add functionality to your ERP solution without custom modifications
  • ✔ Customer can develop and support their own solutions

Partial List of Transactions Available:

  • ✔ Receipt/Verify to PO
  • ✔ Receipt to Dock
  • ✔ Transfer
  • ✔ Misc. Issue
  • ✔ Cycle Counting/Physical Inventory
  • ✔ Stage and Move Inventory
  • ✔ Pick, Pack, and Ship

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