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Integrated Barcoding is pleased to announce the release of QuikTrac 6 Browser software design that incorporates all the functions and features of our previous software releases with the added GUI touch screen user interface with Android devices. Now users can have mobile devices with touch screens for easy and simple design and user friendly integration into host applications without extensive training.

The design of QuikTrac Browser allows us integrate into any Browser window application to develop and maintain their software solution without touching any of the back end XML code. Simple integration into the screen level of any Browser interface avoids having to rewrite custom code each time a new software update is sent out. There is no custom coding, no scripting languages to learn, simply click, drag, and drop!



  • ✔ Fast Implementation
  • ✔ Does not touch any of the backend code
  • ✔ Integrates with multiple databases
  • ✔ Supports Multiple languages
  • ✔ Printing from any handheld screen

Key Features:

  • ✔ Real time integration into your ERP
  • ✔ GUI touchscreen on Android mobile devices
  • ✔ ODBC interface for external

Customer Focus:

  • ✔ Ability to manage your own system
  • ✔ Integrate with any iSeries
  • ✔ Allows you to upgrade and do your own development in the future
  • ✔ Works with Windows/Android mobile devices
  • ✔ No custom coding, or API calls required

Partial List of ERP solutions we have worked with:

  • ✔ SAP
  • ✔ Enterprise One
  • ✔ NetSuite
  • ✔ Oracle

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