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About Oracle’s JD Edwards-World

Oracle’s JD Edwards World is a top-tier program that enables organizational growth. It powers several business processes such as Projects and Services, Consumer Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, and Asset Intensive.

Ultimately, Oracle’s JD Edwards is custom built for IBM i models and IBM Power systems. With Oracle’s JD Edwards-World, you can stay on the cutting edge of your industry’s challenges, topics, and trends with ease.

Our Oracle JD Edwards World Software Solutions

Our Oracle JD Edwards solutions can aid you in any context that Oracle JD Edwards is used. Ranging from green screen integration, to a new cloud or browser interface, we will streamline all of your data collection needs.

You can expect real time data and decision making no matter which version of Oracle JD Edwards World you use now or going forward.

Benefits Of Oracle JD Edwards World Software Integration

The advantages of allowing the experts at Integrated Barcoding to help you integrate your Oracle JD Edwards-World are:

  • Lightning fast implementation
  • Don’t touch any backend code
  • Multiple language support
  • Supports any legacy mobile devices
  • Print from any JDE World screen

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Key Features

Enjoy key features with our Oracle JD Edwards World software integration, such as:

  • Integrate with any version of Oracle JD Edwards World
  • Integrate with any new Browser/cloud solution
  • Allows you to upgrade and do your own development in the future
  • Works with ANY mobile device
  • No custom coding, nor API calls required

Available transactions include:

  • Super Backflush
  • Lookup item by CARDEX
  • Order Completion
  • Jon On/Off
  • PO Receipt
  • Transfer

Oracle JD Edwards World Software Integration Success Story

“We automated our work order reporting using QuikTrac where all transfers, and production reporting is done with barcode scanners giving us real-time information at our fingertips. This has given all our team members the ability to know where our production and inventory levels are at all times.

QuikTrac also automated the Super Backflush process and eliminated human intervention and material issues and labor reporting were now real-time. This helped us meet our top customer’s needs in the OEM and the aftermarket in inventory accuracy.”

Matt Melling

Melling Tool Co.

Reach New Heights with Your Oracle JD Edwards World Data Collection

From easier barcoding solutions, to integrated browser interfaces, you can enhance your data management across your entire operations. At Integrated Barcoding, we specialize in providing custom hardware and software solutions for Oracle JD Edwards-World software in rapid time. Within a few days, you can overhaul your data collection efforts to spend less time on minutiae and more time growing your company. So don’t hesitate. Contact us today for a Demo about how our integrations can change the way you run your business for the better.

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Whatever your business, Integrated Barcoding can provide a data collection system to meet your needs and improve your business performance.