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About KBM Data Collection Software

The Infor KBM system, also known as Knowledge Based Manufacturing, is an incredible way to streamline your business. It can simplify your manufacturing while taking extra work off of your team’s hands.

KBM is now under the Infor umbrella, and is an iSeries ERP package. KBM data collection aims to help companies transition toward Infor LX for better future functionality, due to the similarity in both software packages.

We offer KBM solutions for all of your Infor KBM and LX needs, regardless of the version you currently use. Choose from features like System-Link, Webtop, green screen integration, and Net-Link interface.

At Integrated Barcoding, we will deliver a complete, ready-to-use solution that streamlines your data collection and leverages real-time integration. You can embrace the future without the need of changing out existing hardware!

Benefits Of KBM Software Integration

The primary benefits of KBM software integration are:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Leaves back end code alone
  • Integration for multiple databases
  • Multiple language support
  • All legacy mobile devices are supported
  • Print from any KBM screen

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Key Features

Important features include the following:

  • Real time integration with KBM
  • Users can develop and maintain their own projects
  • Multi languages supported
  • Offline Data Collection

Additional Features And Benefits Of Infor KBM Software Integration

  • Compatible with every KBM release
  • Custom development and update capability for future needs
  • Full mobile device compatibility
  • No custom coding needed
  • Perform transactions such as:
    • Work Order Pick
    • Work Order Receipt
    • Shop order picking & shipping
    • Item Lookup
    • Transfer

KBM Success Story

QuikTrac-iSeries software solution has allowed us to integrate with our Infor KBM software in real-time and eliminated hand writing down of transactions. Our accuracy and production reporting has increased to 99% and we are now able to reduce our overall inventory levels due to our ability to accurately track materials in our facility. The savings alone helped pay for our system in 2 months!”

Joe J.– Kidde Aerospace, Inc.

Transform Your Data Collection with KBM Integration

Data collection and production tracking should be seamless throughout your entire organization. Discover how much time you can save when you have a fully integrated system from entry to database!

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