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About The Infor XA ERP / MAPICS ERP

Infor XA, formerly known as MAPICS (Manufacturing, Accounting, and Production Information Control Systems), is software by IBM — which is now of the Infor family of software solutions.

Due to its versatility and robust nature, Infor XA has become one of the most used ERP applications for manufacturing around the globe.

As Infor continues its development of XA with release 9.2, they are delivering complex and effective solutions for end users via System-Link and Net-Link. This is partly thanks to their ION technology, instead of simply using green screens.

At Integrated Barcoding, we offer Infor XA integration solutions no matter what version you currently use or are using. Our solutions range from System-Link to Net-Link to Green Screen integration.

We can offer you a solution that empowers your data collection with real-time integration with whatever Infor XA version you prefer.

Our Infor ERP XA Software Solutions

At Integrated Barcoding, we offer integration with Infor XA data collection software, and any needs that you have with the platform. We offer fast turnarounds on integration so that you can focus on the core business systems that you rely on.

Whether you want to extend Infor XA to the cloud, a custom interface, or a web interface, we have the integration expertise to revolutionize your whole supply chain.

With our integration, you won’t have to manipulate any back-end code or worry about data collection errors via manual data entry.

With our QuikTrac iSeries software solution and QuikTrac Browser, your software will align with your organizational goals while speeding up your workflow significantly.

By utilizing our QuikTrac Modernization version with your Infor XA ERP, you can add a graphic user interface on touchscreens to any of your mobile collection devices that run Android. Plus, integration happens within just four days or less!

Benefits Of INFOR XA Software Integration

When you hire the experts at Integrated Barcoding, you experience several benefits such as:

  • Avoiding back-end code
  • Integrating into any Infor ERP XA version
  • Multiple language support
  • Legacy support for all mobile devices
  • Print from any Infor XA screen
  • Rapid implementation

Key Features of Our Infor XA Solutions

Notable features include:

  • Real-time Infor XA integration software integration
  • Offline INFOR XA data collection
  • Enabling users to develop or maintain unique projects
  • Implementation in days

Additional Features And Benefits Of Infor XA Software Integration

  • Compatible with every Infor XA release, including 10.0
  • Net-Link and System-Link integration
  • Maintain and support your own projects
  • Zero coding or API calls needed
  • Enjoy transactions like:
    • TW-Inventory Transfer
    • RM-Material Release
    • PH-Cycle Counting / Physical Inventory
    • RI-Receipt to Inspection
    • IA-Inventory Adjustment
    • TW-Inventory Transfer
    • RD-Receipt to Dock

INFOR XA Software Integration Success Story

QuikTrac-iSeries software solution has allowed us to integrate with our Infor XA software in real-time and eliminated hand writing down of transactions. Our inventory accuracy has gone from 75% up to 99.9% since we now scan everything we move in our warehouse. We use to do physical inventories once a year that took 3 days to complete. Now with our accuracy so high, we only do cycle counts in certain areas and we do not lose the 3 days during a physical. That alone helped pay for our system in three days!”
Bruce Knoll – Meridian

See How An Integrated Infor XA System Can Empower All Your Data Collection Efforts

At Integrating Barcoding, our QuikTrac software offers enhanced GUIs, mobile data collection, and streamlined integration across your supply chain.

Contact us today and understand how your tracking and data collection can be absolutely transformed in just a few days. Schedule a demo right now and let’s get started on your custom Infor XA / MAPICS ERP solution.

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FAQs About Infor XA Data Collection

What is the difference between Infor XA and Infor LX / BPCS ERP?

Infor LX is designed for manufacturers who need a software solution that can adapt swiftly to industry trends and regulatory changes. It caters to those in the manufacturing sector who require flexibility and the ability to respond to evolving business landscapes, making it ideal for industries facing frequent shifts in regulations and market demands.

In contrast, Infor XA data collection is tailored for companies looking for an ERP solution to comprehensively manage all their business processes and operations. It is suited for businesses seeking an all-encompassing system that streamlines and integrates various functions, from production to financials, across the organization.

How can Infor XA be integrated with other software systems?

At Integrated Barcoding, we specialize in integrating the Infor XA ERP with various software systems, ensuring fast turnarounds to enhance your core business operations. Our expertise allows for extending Infor XA to the cloud, creating custom interfaces, or developing web interfaces, all without the need to alter any back-end code. This ensures a seamless integration process, eliminating concerns about manual data entry errors.

Our QuikTrac iSeries software solution and QuikTrac Browser align your software with your organizational goals while accelerating workflow. Particularly, with our QuikTrac Modernization version used alongside your Infor XA ERP, you can add a graphical user interface on touchscreens for any Android-run mobile collection devices. This integration is not only efficient but also rapid, often completed in four days or less. Our approach revolutionizes your supply chain, aligning it with modern technology and operational needs.

What are the key accomplishments and case studies of Integrated Barcoding?

At Integrated Barcoding, one of our notable achievements is our successful integration with Meridian’s Infor XA software using our QuikTrac-iSeries software solution. This collaboration significantly improved their inventory accuracy, soaring from 75% to an impressive 99.9%. Our solution enabled the real-time scanning of warehouse movements, eliminating the need for handwritten transaction records. This advancement dramatically streamlined Meridian’s inventory process, reducing their need for extensive physical inventories from a three-day process to efficient cycle counts in targeted areas. This efficiency not only saved time but also provided a rapid return on their investment in just three days.

What are the system requirements for Infor LX / BPCS ERP?

Generally, Infor LX is designed to run on the IBM i Power System platform. This requires appropriate hardware capable of supporting this environment. The software typically demands a stable server infrastructure, adequate storage capacity, and sufficient processing power to handle large data volumes and complex processing tasks. Additionally, network infrastructure must be reliable to support efficient data communication, especially if integrated with other systems or cloud services.

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