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About The Infor LX / BPCS System

Infor LX (previously BPCS software) is a powerful ERP. It enables you to manage your supply chain, production, and finances with agility. The BPCS system is built for the modern company — offering streamlined data and process management.

Built on the industry leading IBM i platform, the Infor LX ERP empowers you to scale your business processes whether you are still scaling or are already an enterprise level company.

Our Infor LX Software Solutions

At Integrated Barcoding, we provide Infor LX software integration and all your other needs for this platform. We allow you to focus on your core competencies while having confidence that your business systems are running as they should.

Whether you need solutions for the browser, in the cloud, or for the back end, we have you covered. No matter what version of Infor LX you use, we can integrate your ERP across your entire supply chain.

Never touch a line of code or worry about human error in your data collection again. Integrate Infor LX data collection with your Net-Link, Webtop, System-Link, or green screen applications in real time.

Our team of experts will update your software and hardware to be compatible with whatever version you currently use or will use going forward.

Benefits Of Infor LX Software Integration

The advantages of allowing the experts at Integrated Barcoding to help you integrate your LX ERP are:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Do not touch back end code
  • Integration for multiple databases
  • Multiple language support
  • All legacy mobile devices are supported
  • Print from any Infor LX screen

Key Features

Important features include the following:

  • Real time integration with Infor LX
  • Users can develop and maintain their own projects
  • Offline Data Collection
  • Compatible with every Infor LX release
  • Custom development and update capability for future needs
  • Full mobile device compatibility
  • No .Net or custom coding needed

Transactions Available include:

  • SFC-650 Production Reporting
  • INV-500 Product Issue
  • PUR-550 Purchase Order Receipt
  • JIT-600 Production Reporting
  • INV-500 Cycle Counting
  • INV-510 Location Transfer

Infor LX Software Integration Success Story

“We’ve designed QuikTrac so that the operator can put in the order they want to pick, and that triggers QuikTrac to reach into the LX databases via an ODBC connection to gather all of the information about that order, including items and quantities.”

What QuikTrac has done for us is automated the recording of those inventory transfers within Infor LX as we pick orders, the system validates those items and quantities are accurate according to the order within Infor LX, while creating an order allocation saving us hours of manual input.”
Brian White – Red Gold

Discover How An Integrated Infor LX System Can Transform Your Data Collection

We specialize in producing rapid results for our clients. For instance, our new QuikTrac Modernization provides touch screen GUIs to, mobile data collection devices running Android OS, and real time integration at your fingertips.

Reach out today and learn how Integrated Barcoding can streamline your entire production tracking and data collection protocols — with implementation in as little as 4 days.

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FAQs About Infor LX and BPCS System

What are the benefits of using Infor LX / BPCS ERP for supply chain management?

Using Infor LX / BPCS ERP for supply chain management offers many benefits. The LX data collection feature enhances real-time visibility and tracking within the supply chain, enabling accurate inventory management and efficient resource allocation. This leads to reduced costs and improves operational efficiency. The LX integration allows seamless connectivity between different systems and platforms, facilitating easier data sharing and collaboration across various supply chain segments. This integration enhances decision-making, streamlines processes, and improves overall supply chain responsiveness. Additionally, it supports complex supply chain networks, offering flexibility and scalability to adapt to changing business needs, thus providing a strategic advantage in managing the supply chain effectively​.

What support and services are offered by Integrated Barcoding for the Infor LX/BPCS ERP integration?

Integrated Barcoding offers comprehensive support and services for integrating Infor LX / BPCS ERP, enhancing operational efficiency and data management. We also offer support in multiple languages, catering to the global landscape of business operations. Our LX webtop integration is a key aspect of our services, enabling seamless connectivity and interaction between Infor LX and other platforms. We pride ourselves on our ability to support all legacy mobile devices, ensuring that no part of your existing infrastructure is left behind during the integration process. Additionally, our solutions enable you to print directly from any Infor LX screen, adding to the convenience and functionality of your system.

Our service is not just about meeting your current needs; we also focus on your future requirements. We offer custom development and update capabilities to ensure that your integration solutions remain relevant and effective as your business evolves. Our offline data collection feature ensures continuity in operations, even in environments with limited connectivity. Importantly, we achieve all this without the need for complex .Net or custom coding, making the integration process smoother and more accessible for your team.

What industries commonly use Infor LX / BPCS ERP?

Infor LX / BPCS ERP is predominantly used in the manufacturing sector, catering especially to industries involved in both process and discrete manufacturing. It is particularly beneficial for sectors that demand intricate supply chain management and precise inventory control. This includes industries like automotive, electronics, industrial machinery, and equipment manufacturing. These sectors value Infor LX / BPCS for its ability to streamline complex manufacturing operations and enhance operational efficiency.

What is the process for configuring security in the Infor LX / BPCS ERP integration?

Configuring security in the Infor LX / BPCS ERP integration involves setting up user profiles and permissions, defining roles and access levels, and implementing authentication mechanisms. This process ensures that only authorized users can access specific modules and data. It often includes network and application-level security measures, along with regular audits and updates to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the system. The configuration is typically tailored to the organization’s specific security policies and requirements.

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