How to Avoid Costly Errors in Roll Forming and Maximize Profits

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How to Avoid Costly Errors in Roll Forming and Maximize Profits

Roll forming is a common manufacturing process in different industries, such as the construction, appliance, aerospace, and automotive industries. The popularity of roll forming stems from the various advantages it offers, but there are a few errors that can minimize your profits by increasing your cost of production.

Let’s explore some of these errors and the strategies you should adopt to avoid making the same errors.

Downtime from Machine Breakdown

Before you can do roll forming, you need roll forming machines. One of the most common errors in the roll forming industry occurs when you don’t regularly maintain these roll forming machines. Roll forming machines show signs of wear and tear, and failing to address these issues on time can result in unplanned downtime. When your machines break down, you not only lose production time but also the associated revenue.

The most effective strategy is to schedule and address machine issues on time to prevent downtime. In addition, you should have real-time monitoring to detect any machine issues in real time. This proactive approach allows you to carry out timely maintenance.

Wasted Materials

Roll farming involves the use of raw materials. If you are looking to reduce costs in roll forming, you should avoid wasting raw materials. This type of error in the roll forming industry occurs when the raw materials are not used efficiently, such as loading the materials incorrectly and wasting much of it in the process. These materials add up over time, which shows you how much you are wasting. In order to reduce material wastage, you can adopt certain strategies, such as accurate planning for all raw materials. The people in charge of the raw materials should use precise measurements, minimize tolerances, and utilize nesting software.

Errors Arising From Imprecise Tooling

Roll forming entails precise tooling if the results you expect should have perfect shapes and dimensions. However, tooling errors can affect the design or fabrication processes, resulting in defective and inaccurate parts. Errors arising out of imprecise tooling are quite costly because you have to scrap those parts or rework them, which translates to additional costs or delayed production.

As a manufacturer, you should maintain your production standards by engaging only experienced tooling engineers. At the same time, you could be encountering tooling errors because your tools have unseen problems. You can avoid such errors by establishing proper tooling maintenance to keep your tools at their optimal state at all times.

Are You Struggling With Any of These Errors?

If you are struggling to avoid machine downtime errors or workflow errors, it is a sign that you need ERP software for roll forming. Contact us at Integrated Barcoding to start enjoying the benefits of ERP in roll forming. With Infor XA ERP, roll-forming errors can be a thing of the past.

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