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Innovator in AIDC and Leader in Industrial Products

Honeywell’s Productivity Solutions and Services business creates mobile computers, printers, and data capture devices that improve worker productivity in thousands of companies of all sizes around the world. Honeywell helped pioneer the barcode scanning market in the 1970s, and over the years its new innovations have helped retailers, distribution centers, transportation and logistics, and healthcare organizations achieve significant improvements in efficiency, speed, and accuracy in their operations.

Honeywell mobile and vehicle-mounted computers are purpose-built for specialized operations including:

    • Retail-in-store and back-room
    • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
    • Transportation and Logistics
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing

Innovator in AIDC and Leader in Industrial Products

Honeywell’s highly accurate and adaptable barcode readers offer superior barcode scanning performance and data capture.

Versatile Honeywell barcode readers fit multiple enterprise workflows and offer a variety of configurations. Whether they are positioned at the point of sale, stationed above a warehouse conveyor belt or mounted on a wall for quick accessibility, our intuitive barcode readers give enterprises the freedom to deploy them to fit their business-critical needs.

With industry-leading scanning performance, Honeywell barcode readers can rapidly and accurately read even damaged barcodes to keep workflows optimized and on schedule.

Printing With A Purpose

Printing operations, whether they are barcode label, ticket, or tag, should be worry free. That’s what Honeywell believes in. Optimizing your print operations throughout the enterprise should be easy to deploy and maximize return on your investment.

That is why we combined our best technology built on top of legacy powerhouses Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec technologies. From light-duty to ultra-rugged models – both stationary and portable – to print software, media, services, and parts, Honeywell offers an extensive range of solutions for any environment or print application.

Printing With A Purpose

Track and Manage Inventory, Material Assets and Processes

From lightweight handheld readers for retail environments, to ruggedized units for logistics and manufacturing, we provide a complete line of RFID solutions including handheld and fixed readers, printers, tags, and labels. Integrate these products with Honeywell mobile computers, barcode scanners, software, and services to create comprehensive solutions to track and manage with confidence.

Track and Manage Inventory, Material Assets and Processe


Honeywell offers purpose-built, handheld RFID readers optimized for various applications. For retail, Honeywell offers readers that enable virtually 99% inventory accuracy, leading to increased revenue, lower markdowns and enhanced customer service and loyalty. These readers are paired with Honeywell’s award-winning lightweight, touchscreen mobile computers.

For logistics and industrial applications, Honeywell offers a handheld computer line that pairs with our most rugged computers. Used for asset tracking and logistics applications indoors and out, they include non-incentive certification for hazardous environments found in chemical processing, airline ramp operations and oil and gas facilities, as well as other industrial applications.

Honeywell also offers a 4-port, fixed-infrastructure RFID reader line that enables system integrators to create RFID solutions for logistics, material handling, asset tracking and manufacturing applications. Browse our selection of RFID readers below.

Smart Labels

Honeywell passive UHF RFID tags and smart labels securely and accurately receive, store, and transmit digital information in multiple frequencies for global asset management and supply chain support. We have the right RFID tags and smart labels for your application and environment. Browse our selection of RFID smart labels below.

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