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Getac Technology Corporation is a global leader in rugged mobile technology and intelligent video solutions, including laptops, tablets, software, body-worn cameras, in-car video, interview rooms, and evidence management software. Getac’s solutions and services enable the vital work done by frontline workers operating in the world’s most challenging environments.

Trusted by Global Users in Challenging Environments

Our users choose the road less traveled, and so do we. From the very beginning, Getac has remained dedicated to the rugged technology industry and the users who depend on our solutions. Never deviating, never wavering.

Today, Getac serves customers in over 100 countries spanning the defense, public safety, ambulance, fire & rescue, utilities, automotive, natural resources, manufacturing, transport, and logistics industries.

Rugged Computing Solutions

When it comes to selecting your solution, our experts have the industry experience to point you in the right direction. They will work with you to define your needs by asking a multitude of qualifying questions.

Mission-Critical COTS computing
Mission-critical COTS computing that delivers high powered processing and reliability in operational environments.


Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire & Rescue Applications

Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire & Rescue applications

Public Safety

Smart Meter Reading And Installation For Public Safety

Smart Meter Reading and Installation, On-site Safety, Utility Asset Management, Workforce Management for Utilities, Mobile GIS, Surveying and Mapping


Warehouse Materials Handling

Railroad Management, Airport Management, Port Management, Long-haul Delivery Fleet Management, Warehouse Materials Handling

Transportation & Logistics

Industrial Programming and Robotic Control

Industrial Programming and Robotic Control, Facility management, Compliance and Inspections, Workforce Management, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Factory Automation and Plant Monitoring, EAM and CMMS Solutions.

Industrial Manufacturing

Automotive Sector

Rugged computers & tablets enabling progress in the automotive sector.


Mining and Forestry applications

Mining and Forestry applications

Natural Resources

Asset Management

Remote Support, Asset Management, Field Data Analysis, Workplace Safety

Oil & Gas

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