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About SAP

SAP is the world’s largest Enterprise software provider and runs many of the worlds top companies. Today, SAP has become the leader in ERP software by providing solutions for small to medium companies running Business One, to global leaders using Hanna.

QuikTrac Browser solution allows you to extend your SAP transactions out to mobile devices without touching any of the back end code thru the SAP Browser interface. QuikTrac can add funtionality to SAP so you dont have to pay top dollar for customized code to make SAP modifications work with your system. Now you can manage your own integration using QuikTrac Browser software and make your SAP integration simple and easy to maintain!

SAP Business One Success Story:

"When a customer approached us about integrating into their SAP Business One software, they were concerned that the costs would outweigh the benefits of the project. Our QuikTrac software tools gave them a solution that allowed them to pick items for an order and hold them until the whole order was complete. Once ready to ship, QuikTrac then processes the delivery note confirmation transaction in real-time. The customization cost alone to have this done would have cost more than the whole project! We had their project up in running in no time saving them thousands!"

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  • Fast Implementation
  • Does not touch any of the backend code
  • Integrates with multiple databases
  • Supports Multiple languages
  • Supports all legacy mobile devices
  • Printing from any SAP screen
Key Features:
  • Real time integration into SAP
  • Allows user to develop and maintain their own data collection projects
  • ODBC interface to external applications
  • Ability to run API or stored procedures
  • Off-Line Data Collection available
Customer Focus:
  • Any SAP version
  • Integrate with new Browser/cloud solution
  • Allows you to upgrade and do your own development in the future
  • Works with ANY mobile device
  • No custom coding, or API calls required
Partial List of Transactions Available:
  • Work Order Pick & ship
  • Work Order Receipt
  • Delivery note picking with reports
  • Item Lookup
  • Cycle Count
  • Transfer