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About Infor XA

Infor XA ERP software over the years has grown into one of the top ERP solutions for descrete manufacturing in the world. Infor continues to develop and grow Infor XA with the latest releasse 9.2, they are moving away from green screens and using thier ION technology to deliver a robust solution for the end user thru System-Link, and Net-Link.

We have the software solutions to meet all of your Infor XA needs depending on what version you are using. From green screen integration, to System-Link, or Net-Link interface. We are able to provide you with a solution that will allow your data collection to continue with seamless real-time integration into whatever version of Infor XA you are on today or into the future.

Infor XA Success Story

"QuikTrac-iSeries software solution has allowed us to integrate with our Infor XA software in real-time and eliminated hand writing down of transactions. Our inventory accuracy has gone from 75% up to 99.9% since we now scan everything we move in our warehouse. We use to do physical inventories once a year that took 3 days to complete. Now with our accuracy so high, we only do cycle counts in certain areas and we do not lose the 3 days during a physical. That alone helped pay for our system in three days!"

Bruce Knoll

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  • Fast Implementation
  • Does not touch any of the backend code
  • Integrates with multiple databases
  • Supports Multiple languages
  • Supports all legacy mobile devices
  • Printing from any Infor XA screen
Key Features:
  • Real time integration into Infor XA
  • Allows user to develop and maintain their own projects
  • ODBC interface to external applications
  • Ability to run stored procedures
  • Off-Line Data Collection available
Customer Focus:
  • Any Infor XA release including 9.2
  • Integrate with System-Link and Net-Link
  • Allows you to upgrade and do your own development in the future
  • Works with ANY mobile device
  • No custom coding or API calls
Partial List of Transactions Available:
  • RD-Receipt to Dock
  • TW-Inventory Transfer
  • IA- Inventory Adjustment
  • RM- Material Release
  • PH-Cycle Counting/Physical Inventory
  • RI-Receipt to Inspection