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About Infor MAC-PAC XE

Infor MAC-PAC XE is a business management system that integrates all facets of the business around a common base of information. MAC-PACĀ® XE (eXtended Enterprise) is the next generation of the proven and reliable MAC-PAC Enterprise Management System.

We have the software solutions to meet all of your Infor MAC-PAC XE needs depending on what version you are using. From green screen integration, to System-Link, or Net-Link interface. We are able to provide you with a solution that will allow your data collection to continue with seamless real-time integration into whatever version of Infor MAC-PAC XE you are on today or into the future.

Infor MAC-PAC XE Success Story

"QuikTrac-iSeries software solution has allowed us to integrate with our Infor MAC-PAC XE software in real-time and eliminated hand writing down of transactions. Our inventory accuracy has gone from 75% up to 99.9% since we now scan everything we move in our warehouse. We use to do physical inventories once a year that took 3 days to complete. Now with our accuracy so high, we only do cycle counts in certain areas and we do not lose the 3 days during a physical. That alone helped pay for our system in three days!"

Dave Elliott
Draper, Inc.

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  • Fast Implementation
  • Does not touch any of the backend code
  • Integrates with multiple databases
  • Supports Multiple languages
  • Supports all legacy mobile devices
  • Printing from any MAC-PAC XE screen
Key Features:
  • Real time integration into MAC-PAC XE
  • Allows user to develop and maintain their own data collection projects
  • ODBC interface to external applications
  • Ability to run stored procedures
  • Off-Line Data Collection available
Customer Focus:
  • Any MAC-PAC XE version
  • Integrate with new Browser/cloud solution
  • Allows you to upgrade and do your own development in the future
  • Works with ANY mobile device
  • No custom coding, or API calls required
Partial List of Transactions Available:
  • PO Receipt
  • MO Receipt and Issue
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Item Lookup
  • Cycle Count
  • Transfer