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ERP Solutions - BPCS

QuikTrac® is a set of powerful tools that allows you to integrate your BPCS system in 4 days or less. There are no host modifications required, no custom code, no RPG code requirements, and there are no database interface requirements.

QuikTrac® is a screen integration tool that uses the power of your BPCS system as if you were sitting at a terminal typing in the information and pressing enter. By mapping the BPCS screens down to fixed or portable data collection devices, you can extend your data collection out to the warehouse or shop floor.

QuikTrac® has helped BPCS customers simplify their data collection by extending their BPCS system out to the shop floor. QuikTrac® takes BPCS transactions like INV 500, SFC650, and PUR 550 to name a few, and maps them down to fixed or portable data collection devices.

BPCS uses a complex system of screens and if you input data into only one or two transaction screens, you will create errors in the back end that create more work for you. By mapping each screen that is specific to your application, you get the same system that you and your users are use to using.

Because BPCS and the ISeries require time for system backup, QuikTrac® can take your system into the OLDC mode and allow your users to continue to collect data until the host connection is restored. This is done without any human intervention on your part.

Please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to share with you some of our satisfied BPCS customers. Feel free to contact them and ask them why they like using the QuikTrac® products.

BPCS Case Studies: Marietta | American Seating

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